Contrary to what one would expect, "Solemnity" denotes a yearly celebration that precludes any other day, rather than an inference to its serious character.


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January 1


Mary, the Holy Mother of God


January 6


Epiphany (Theophany) of the Lord


March 19


Saint Joseph, Spouse of the BVM


March 25


Annunciation of the Lord




Resurrection of the Lord


40 days after Easter


Ascension of the Lord


50 days after Easter




Sunday after Pentecost


Trinity Sunday


Thursday after Trinity Sunday


Corpus Christi


8 days after Corpus Christi (Fri)


Sacred Heart of Jesus


June 24


Nativity of John the Baptist


June 29


Saint Peter and Saint Paul


August 15


Assumption of Mary


November 1


All Saints


Last Calendar Sunday


Christ the King


December 8


Immaculate Conception


December 25


The Nativity of Christ