STORM   ©

We await your arrival

We feel and we hear

The change that is coming

Is readily clear.

The sky is uncolored,

Less distance we see,

It lowers around us

And convincingly

It warns to take cover

By flashes and drops

Before it would deluge

It brings in the props

Of thunder and lightning

In the distance at first

Is soon on us raining

In downpours and bursts

Of energy discharge

Cross sky and to ground

Disturbing the darkness

With flash and with sound

That would rattle the tea cups,

The rafters and floors

And leave just a breath’s sigh

Before come one more

In a rising crescendo

That would ascend like a jaunt

Nature’s fine exposition

Does her majesty flaunt

Till the peak is beyond us

In the distance receding

And the fury a whimper

For our senses now greeting.

But the show has an encore,

Colors reappear

In the sky, maybe a rainbow

Will pull up the rear

To bestill human nature

And the ones that would fear;

Once again life is precious

And the moment so dear.

© 2009.06.26.2100


Journey Around A Cross